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Welcome to SSSTikTok video downloader, it will offers you the best and fastest way to download TikTok mp3 or TikTok mp4 videos. Download one video and see how it works.

How to Download TikTok MP3 Audio on Computer

Step 1. Find the TikTok mp3 you want to convert

Open any of your browsers in the Mac Book and Windows-powered PC and browse the official website. The TikTok web version is accessible on big screens with similar features you experience in smartphones.

download tiktok mp3

Step2: Find Your TikTok Video URL

In the TikTok official website and find the video you want to download. Click on its share button to copy the link. Click on its share button to copy the link.

download tiktok mp3

Step3: Paste, Preview and Download TikTok MP3 Audio

Paste this video link in the blank search space, when you click on the download button, you will get preview of the video with options of TikTok Mp3 audio and Mp4 formats.

download tiktok mp3

How to Download TikTok MP3 on Mobile Phones

Step 1. Explore TikTok Videos and Copy Video Link

Open your TikTok app and find the video you want to download. On the right side, below the corner, there will be a sharing button. Tap on the share button to copy the link.

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Step 2. Open SSSTIK TikTok Downloader and Paste Link

Tap on the browser of your phone, find the SSSTikTok website. When you open it, a simple interface with a search bar will appear that can help in downloading. Paste the video link in search bar and click ‘Download’ to start.

download tiktok mp3 music

Step 3. Download and Get the TikTok MP3 Audio

When you click on the download button, it shows a preview of the video along with the options to choose between mp3 audio,mp4 and video without watermark format. Enjoy it!

Know More Features of SSSTikTok

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No Watermark

This web tool can help to download your videos without watermark. It will look brand new when you forward it or update it on your social media page!
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Mp4 & MP3 Audio

SSSTikTok downloader can work with both TikTok MP4 and TikTok MP3 Audio files. this gadget comes in handy in that circumstance.
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Download unlimited and fast.

No matter how many videos are in your download queue. This multimedia downloading TikTok video or mp3 in a fraction of a second if you have a good internet connection.
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Free and safety

Everyone can use the tool for free, its website is completely free of spam and malware. You will only be able to download.
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No account or login

This free TikTok mp3 downloader does not require any account or personal information to log in. Get unlimited videos without revealing your identity.
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All Devices Support

This TikTok mp3 downloader is accessible from any device, including Android and iOS smartphones and Windows and Mac computers. To access the website, all you need is a basic web browser.