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Do you know all the videos you can watch on TikTok can be downloaded, and that too for free? Yes, it is possible with SSSTikTok site. Video streaming is accessible through hundreds of apps but downloading them is tricky. TikTok keeps you updated with interesting, productive and entertaining videos that sometimes we want to keep offline to watch again or share within our circle.

Now it is possible with just one click or tap. SS STikTok is the ultimate solution to downloading every video available on the TikTok platform. It is a simple and feature-rich web too that requires no space on your device. Know more about its significant features and the process of the usage here.

Get to Know about Features of SSSTik Tok

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Watermark Removal

The TikTok animated watermark in the corner of every video doesn’t look cool when you want to share it on other platforms. This web tool can download your videos without leaving a trace of a watermark. It will look brand new when you forward it or update it on your social media page!
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Mp4 and Mp3 support

Which format do you choose for that viral TikTok video? This downloader can work with both MP4 and MP3 files. We sometimes only need the Mp3 version to utilise in the backdrop of a new video. This gadget comes in handy in that circumstance.
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Downloads are unlimited and fast.

No matter how many videos are in your download queue. This multimedia downloading utility has no number or speed limitations. It can download your entire TikTok video in a fraction of a second if you have a good internet connection.
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Free and secure

Everyone can use the tool for free, including all of its capabilities. Furthermore, its website is completely free of spam and malware. When you open the interface, you will only be able to download.
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There is no registration or login

This free TikTok downloader does not require any registration or personal information to log in. Get unlimited videos without revealing your identity.
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All Devices Compatibility

This TikTok download is accessible from any device, including Android and iOS smartphones and Windows and Mac computers. To access the website, all you need is a basic web browser.

How to Download TikTok Videos on Your Mobile Device

Step 1. Find a Video Link on TikTok

Start up the TikTok app and look around for some cool videos to download. A share button will appear in the bottom right corner.

To copy the link, tap the share button. Copy the link and then paste it into your browser’s address bar to access the page.

Step 2.  Visit SSS TikTok download website

Click your phone’s browser, create a new tab, and navigate to the SSSTikTok download site there. When you first visit the site, you’ll see a clean design that includes a search box to facilitate file retrieval.

Paste the link you copied in the search box. When you select the download option, you’ll be given a preview of the clip as well as the choice between audio and visual formats.

Step 3. Get Your Hands On It By Downloading

With only one click, you may choose the desired file type and start the download. Once you’ve saved the file to your phone, you may send it to anyone by text message, email, or post it to your status update.

How to Download TikTok Videos on your PC and Mac

Step 1.  Get the link of your TikTok clip

You may browse the site using any of the computers’ browsers, whether they’re running Mac OS X or Windows. TikTok’s web version offers the same functionality as the mobile app and is optimised for large displays.

Look for the clip you want to save. To copy the URL, click the share button.

Step 2. Visit the SSSTikTok without watermark website

Launch SSSTikTok’s main page in a new tab. In the middle, you’ll find a search box for quickly finding relevant TikTok content.

Step 3. paste, see a preview and pick a format

Paste the copied link into the search bar on sss tiktok video site’s main page. A preview of the video, playable in either Mp3 or Mp4 format, is generated instantly upon clicking the download button.

Step 4. Enjoy offline or share online

Pick a file type and start downloading your video instantly. It is now downloaded for offline viewing and shared on any social networking site.


How to download free TikTok video for computer?

You can also copy a link address on your PC and insert it on the main page of ssstiktok
Please make sure that:
1. The link is accessible in your web browser
2. You can play the video in the web browser

Is the ssstiktok video downloader free?

Yes, it’s free to download TikTok mp4 video, HD video and TikTok mp3 music of unlimited.

How to use TikTok to mp4 converter?

If you plan to convert TikTok video to mp4 or mp3, you just need to paste the link into the input field at the top of the page. Select the appropriate format and click the \”Download\” button.

How to save mp3 songs from TikTok without an app?

To save a song to mp3 or mp4 using our TikTok to mp4 converter, just paste the link into the input field and click the “Download” button and download tiktok video to audio in a few seconds.

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